If you want:

  • To use a sweet dvcs like git or hg
  • Easy code deployment or even Continuous Integration
  • To stop using a guillemet (») when you mean a right-arrow (→)
  • Someone to argue with about multiple inheritance and interfaces

Email me.

If you want to work with somebody who:

  • Thinks in html
  • Plays in vim
  • Dreams in css
  • Eats in git
  • Drinks in SQL
  • Fantasizes in ruby

Work with me.

If your development shop:

  • Cares about free, libre, and open-source software
  • Has (or knows it needs) One-Click Deployment, Continuous Integration, and/or Test-Driven Development
  • Works on Mac or Linux workstations
  • Gives a pencil-and-paper code test during interviews

Hire me.

(209) 560-6858 (USA)
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